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* No Bleeds included in price, Bleeds extra, Collating No Charge * File Charge $7.00 per file * * Plus Shipping * All Products Can Be Made into Individual Sheets or Collated Sets or Books * We Accept Hard Copy or A PDF File * There is a MINIMUM Order of $50.00 *Number of Sets (if collated) or Number of Copies if Individual Sheets, per side from same original

Our Specialty is Digital Black Printing. Our Service & Quality Especially the Price Can NOT Be Beat. All Work Done on Xerox Docutechs. We will make every copy come out like an original. After 25 years you can be sure your job will get the professional care needed. You can choose paper ranging from 20 lb. bond to 110 lb. cover stock and even select from our full range of binding options to complete your project. It's all possible at the right price.